How are fine toquilla straw hats made?

Toquilla straw harvest

This plant also known by the scientific name "carludovica palmata" and due to its geography which is found within Montecristi, ideal for the fine hat.

Obtaining Raw Material

The cocoon of the plant is extracted for the preparation of the stew.

Cooked raw material

The raw material is cooked in hot water in an aluminum pot.


Using an adequate amount of sulfur, the vegetable fiber is heated to eliminate the chlorophyll remains.


The beginning of everything, it is here where 8 fine fibers of Toquilla Straw are the beginning of these beautiful hand-woven jewels. Each of the fibers represents years of experience, not all of them weave the same, but with passion and love for this ancient art.



The template of the hat, the crown, for its elaboration requires wooden lasts that determine the model of the hat (men or women). This also determines the minimum or maximum size of the fabric.


This is the most arduous process of making a hat, the fibers have exclusive care in each order, the processes can last from 15 days to 180 days, depending on the degree of fabric. The working times are not continuous, since the climate can affect the useful life of the fiber in the process.


In this stage of the hat, the edges are checked, it is adjusted, its fibers are crossed in such a way that it is not damaged in daily use, our artisans moisten their hands to obtain softness that each model requires.


This process allows giving different shapes and sizes to the woven hat, to give it uniformity, in ancient work rigid carbon plates were used, its heat originated in a breaststroke, at present the use of plates to steam allows the natural fiber not to lose texture and resistance, so that customers can fold or store in our boxes clásicas de balsa.

Finished product

Once the process is finished, the product is placed for sale, in addition to being able to personalize it using hand painting, in toquifinahats an artist makes the painting according to photos, images or ideas received from customers. < / span>